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Brain Health

The 5 telltale signs of the most coveted type of man.

An emotionally intelligent man fixing his jacket

According to relationship expert John M. Gottman, the recent change in gender roles has bred three types of husbands.

The first are those who consider themselves feminists yet behave in a way that belies that label. If you ask them whether they believe in an egalitarian marriage, they’ll nod vigorously…

According to a 30-year Harvard study, doing these simple and effective things can drastically extend your longevity.

Old man aging gracefully as he performs russian twists

Ready to be spooked?

Here’s a chilling statistic for you: According to the CDC, Up to 40 percent of annual deaths in the US are preventable. Their causes range from unintentional injuries to heart disease.

More terrifying still is that this percentage is estimated to increase in the future. And…

And how to stop worrying about them

A frightening crow

“I’m terrified,” I confessed one day to my brother-in-law, a fellow solopreneur, and immediately regretted it.

Up to that point, I’d vowed never to voice my professional anxieties to someone other than my husband. I knew most of my family and friends thought I was insane for quitting my well-paid…

Master quantity and timing to become stronger while reaping the life-extending benefits of autophagy.

Muscles man flexing his muscles with a dark background

If we want to maximize our lifespans, we must build muscle and practice some form of fasting.

The first helps us prevent early death. A recent study found that women with weaker arms and legs are 63% more likely to die early, while men are 11%. …

What John Gottman recommends for successful, long-lasting relationships.

3 Little Known Practices That Make Your Relationship Thrive

I don’t want to brag, but my grandparents are the definition of #relationshipgoals.

After more than sixty years together, they still share inside jokes, hold hands, and fuss over each other’s wellbeing. Though they were separated for nine months during the pandemic, they learned how to use Zoom and Whatsapp…

Are these special bacteria what ensure healthy aging?

Scientists discover that centenarians have unique gut bacteria signatures

Most people I know would love to be a centenarian.

By this, I don’t mean living until your hundredth birthday but having to consume twenty or more pills per day to deal with chronic diseases. Centenarians are those who, like my great-grandmother, live beyond 100 while enjoying incredible health. …

Keep yourself healthy from within.

How to naturally improve your gut health and regulate your weight

Europe’s migrating birds offer a powerful lesson when it comes to weight management.

During winter, they travel impressive distances to find shelter from the cold. But such a massive trip requires massive energy, so the birds change their diet a few days before, trading insects for fruits or other rich…

Don’t put up with partners who suck the life out of you.

Woman looking confidently because she knows there will always be someone else

My first long-term relationship sucked.

Instead of experiencing puppy love and going out to eat ice cream, I went to sleep crying every night. I was devastated. The boy I “loved” often broke his promises and made me feel like my neediness was the problem. …

It crushed my hopes

A writer writing yet looking stressed. He doesn’t know how to make a living with his writing.

When I tell other people I want to make a living with my writing, and specifically as a fantasy author, they either:

  1. Assume I will be the next J.K. Rowling (they’ve only ever read the Harry Potter series, and maybe not even that). Apparently, all writers earn boatloads of money…

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