Your relationship can be your best ally to achieve your and your partner’s financial goals

How to maximize your savings as a couple

I’ve had trouble saving since I was a little. Back then, I couldn’t hold on to a single penny my parents gave me. And when I started working, the cycle continued.

Month after month, I received my paycheck, paid basic living expenses, and spent the rest in… I still have…

The 5 telltale signs of the most coveted type of man.

An emotionally intelligent man fixing his jacket

According to relationship expert John M. Gottman, the recent change in gender roles has bred three types of husbands.

The first are those who consider themselves feminists yet behave in a way that belies that label. If you ask them whether they believe in an egalitarian marriage, they’ll nod vigorously…

According to a 30-year Harvard study, doing these simple and effective things can drastically extend your longevity.

Old man aging gracefully as he performs russian twists

Ready to be spooked?

Here’s a chilling statistic for you: According to the CDC, Up to 40 percent of annual deaths in the US are preventable. Their causes range from unintentional injuries to heart disease.

More terrifying still is that this percentage is estimated to increase in the future. And…

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Certified INFJ. Travel enthusiast. Fellow writer. English teacher. Business Consultant. Fantasy lover.

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